Welcome to the Colts Neck Animal Clinic. Our mission is to help you maintain optimal health for your pet through good nutrition and preventive care. The body is susceptible to  environmental as well as emotional challenges on a regular  basis;  the genetic predisposition to disease in various breeds leaves them open to numerous viral and bacterial infections . Through preventive care,  our goal is to diminish your pets susceptibility to disease and treat any current aliments naturally and gently.

Dr. Rosemary Manziano, has been practicing veterinary medicine for 25 years and  has been using almost exclusively holistic medicine to care for her patients for the past 15 years.  We consider each pet individually,  some pets are more sensitive then others and require therapies be tailored to there body condition . Holistic Medicine is based on the treatment of the whole body not just one organ system because all the organ systems in the body are interconnected, therfore when one system is weak  or diseased,  as in the  Liver  disorders, treatment to  strengthen the Intestinal micro biotic  environment is important due to various toxins which are potentially absorbed by the intestines and sent into the blood stream  end up in the liver (one of the bodies filters) , causing further liver damage.

Dr. Manziano will recommend the appropriate diets and supplements to keep your pet in optimal health.  In those cases requiring  treatment, after a thorough evaluation of  your pets past and present conditions, she will prescribe the therapy best suited to your pets needs.  Dr. Manziano focuses on providing ClassicalHomeopathy as well as  Animal Chiropractic, Cold Laser Therapy and Herbal medicine.

“I practiced traditional veterinary medicine for 10 years before discovering the benefits of alternative medicine.  Now the majority of my patients enjoy natural less invasive treatments for their best friends medical care”.

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