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Rosemary ManzianoRosemary Manziano DVM, CAC;   comes from a family of veterinarians.  The daughter of  Clarence F. Manziano,DVM and niece of John Manziano, DVM. , she is a graduate of the University of Pisa, Veterinary Medical School in Pisa, Italy ( 1987).   During her time in Europe, Rosemary resided in Holland taking up a position in a veterinary practice  for large animals .  Upon returning to the United States she completed the last 2 years of Veterinary School at the University of Missouri and then went on to the Animal Medical Center in New York City for additional training.

Dr. Manziano began her study of Homeopathy in the spring of 1997.  Under the tutelage of  Dr. Richard Pitcairn, renowned Homeopath and author of the book, “The Natural Dog and Cat” (www.drpitcairn.com).  Rosemary’s zeal to heal her patients naturally has brought her to India and South America attending courses in Homeopathy  and Herbal medicine,  she continues her education in Advanced  Homeopathic practice today.  Dr. Manziano offers Animal Chiropractic services to her patients as well as Cold Laser Therapy  . Cold Laser is very helpful in reducing inflammation in Arthritic  joints and spinal injures .  Most  recently the revolutionary discovery  of Stem Cell Therapy has enabled  Dr.  Manziano  to be on the cutting edge of Veterinary Medicine once again, as she offers her aging patients improved quality of life in the form of regenerative cell therapy.

Nancy Anton is Dr Manziano’s assistant, she will probably be the one to answer the phone, make your appointments and prepare supplements for pick up. Nancy has been with Dr Manziano since 1996 and is well versed in homeopathic treatments . She can answer some questions regarding homeopathic remedies and herbal treatments.  Nancy will also be able to answer some of the common frequently asked questions which arise for those caregivers that are new to the Science of Homeopathy.




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