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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Homeopathy.  Thank you choosing  our practice to care for your best friend.  As with all good things in life, Homeopathy is a science which, requires patience.  I make it a top priority to relieve your pet’s discomfort in a timely manner; however, you must consider that the disease manifesting itself at present did not develop overnight. Please try to understand that the majority of disease that we see today  is  due to a genetic imprint, destined to manifest itself sooner or later.  Also if drugs were used previously , to treat the current condition,  it is likely that some of the underlying symptoms are being masked(suppressed), and so finding the appropriate Homeopathic remedy may take additional time. The goal here is:  with patience and persistence we will,  together,  bring about a rapid and gentle recovery.

What to expect:  After a careful intake and investigation of your pets complete history I will prescribe a homeopathic remedy.  Following the treatment instructions closely regarding the remedy is vital to a successful outcome. Please be advised most remedies are given only one time (one dose), some liquid potencies are given daily, the doctor will advise you as to the protocol best suited for your pet.  Usually a change will be brought about within days  or sometimes weeks .Sometimes the symptoms may worsen at the beginning of treatment; this may last for as little as a few hours or as much as a few days and in some chronic cases a few weeks.  If there is no improvement in the more significant symptoms i.e loss of appetite within three days of taking the remedy, please call the office.   In more critical cases ( i.e.bloody diarrhea ) we expect a more rapid response to a remedy, therefore it becomes necessary to follow the case more closely, with frequent phone consults –sometimes at two or three day intervals.

Do not continue giving a remedy daily unless the doctor advised you to do so. Often times, if a remedy is repeated too often, an aggravation of the diseases symptoms will occur and the curative process will cease, causing the patient to revert back to the original diseased state. Follow up phone consults or visits are necessary for evaluating and assuring the progression of cure is in a positive direction.As mentioned, the remedy typically takes several weeks to bring about improvement in your pet’s condition; you must therefore remember that patience is part of the treatment.

We request that you please call us,with your concerns and leave a short message for the doctor , the receptionist will set up a phone consult time for you to discus your concerns with the doctor.  An example of a short message is as follows:“My pet Cody has an improved appetite and has stopped vomiting but he’s still drinking a lot; should I be concerned?”  This is a typical phone message that we receive after treatment has begun.  During the re-check the doctor will speak at length about your pet’s condition. To be more clear we request that you leave very brief messages on the voice mail, with a brief summery of the symptoms or any changes in symptoms as in behavior, appetite, thirst, energy level, itch etc.

Please understand that the phone consult is part of the homeopathic treatment, depending on the reaction to the remedy we will wait or proceed with a new remedy or possibly increase the potency of the current remedy. Phone Consults will be charged according to time spent on the phone and off the phone (sometimes a work up is necessary to find a new remedy). It will be necessary to have a credit card on file for follow up phone consults which may be needed during the course of treatment. Minimum cost is $65 dollars for the first 10 minutes and up to $110 for half hour phone consults which include time spent off the phone working on the case to research the subsequent remedy.

The re -check visit can be scheduled for 4-6 weeks post remedy, the doctor can then re- evaluate the case.  Often times the greatest improvement is seen between the three weeks after the pet has begun the treatment and the sixth week; this is therefore the optimal time to evaluate the effect of the remedy on your pet.

 Please do not use; Cortisone or Antibiotics, oral or topically, due to the suppressive effects on the body and symptoms, as they will interfere with the curative response and interpretation of the remedy action. No vaccines are given during the treatment. Some herbs should not be used during treatment, therefore no: Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Cat Nip, and Colloidal Silver, they are strictly prohibited during treatment as they antidote remedies.

Administration of a Remedy:

Remedies come in Dry Pellets and Liquid

Dry Pellets ….we can place 2-4 small pellets directly on the lips or tongue one time, this is considered a dose. For Classical homeopathy we will administer 1 dose and wait or in some cases we will repeat the dose for up to 3 doses. I will let you know how the dosing would work best for your pet .

Some pellets are very large and can be crushed in between a sheet of paper and then placed on the tongue or gums. Small pellets (2-4) can also be placed in 4 oz water, wait 5 minutes, stir and give 1 teaspoon on the gums, this works well in animals that do not like their mouth touched or opened. They can drink a few laps, then you can empty the bowl (do not give the whole 4 oz..).

Liquid Remedy … We sometimes use a liquid in an amber bottle for daily dosing. We succus (bang) the bottle 10 times on a book, then place 10 drops in 4 oz water (distilled or spring) wait 5 minutes, then stir well and  give 1 teaspoon (or 3 mls from a syringe) on the gums.  It is not necessary for your pet to drink it, he or she only needs to have the remedy contact the nerve endings of gums. More is not better.

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