Grooming by Angie

Come in and try our grooming services!   We use tear-free shampoos, which are harmless to the eyes and prevent most itching problems seen after grooming from the stripping away of the natural oils in the skin.

Angie is great with special-needs dogs and those unruly squirmers. She has a special connection with dogs that allows her to clip and dip in a timely manor without a lot of that standing on the table for hours on end, which by the way is very fatiguing.  You can make the appointment and come in, drop off and she will get started on your pet .  We do not keep them in cages waiting their turn.

Angie has been grooming for 4 years and is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please feel free to come visit us and meet the groomer before you schedule your appointment.


Small Dog – $45
Medium Dog – $65
Large Dog – $85

Bath and Clip   
Small Dog – $65      
Medium Dog – $85  
Large Dog – $120

Cat Bath and Shave w/Anesthesia
$140 plus $65 shave and bath

$100/hour (We will give you an estimate before starting.)