Administer a Homeopathic Remedy

Administration of a Remedy:

Remedies come in dry (pellet) and liquid form.

Dry Pellets: We can place 2-4 small pellets directly on the gums or tongue one time. This is considered a dose. For Classical Homeopathy, we will administer 1 dose and wait, or, in some cases, we will repeat the dose for up to 3 doses. I will let you know how the dosing would work best for your pet. The remedy is absorbed through the nerve endings of the gums.

Some pellets are very large and can be crushed in between a sheet of paper and then placed on the tongue or gums.  When using smaller pellets, two to four can also be placed in 4 oz water. After waiting 5 minutes, stir and give 1 teaspoon on the gums. This works well in animals that do not like their mouth touched or opened. They can drink a few laps from a bowl then you can empty the bowl. Do not give the whole 4 oz.

Liquid Remedy: We sometimes use a liquid in an amber bottle for daily dosing. You will succus (bang) the bottle 10 times on a book, then place 10 drops in 2-4 oz water (distilled or spring) wait 5 minutes, then stir well and give 1 teaspoon (or 3 mls from a syringe) on the gums. It is not necessary for your pet to drink it, he or she only needs to have the remedy contact the nerve endings of gums. More is not better.