Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic medicine was founded by D.D Palmer in the 1890’s. His son B.J. Palmer went on to expand his father’s concepts during the early 20th century. Chiropractors consider vertebral subluxation to be the cause of dis-ease. Manipulating the spine through spinal “adjustments” enables the nervous system to flow freely, thereby enabling it to communicate with the organs and muscles of the body so that healthy homeostatic conditions can manifest throughout.

Dr. Manziano works with many agility dogs (dogs that compete off-leash for both time and accuracy) in her practice, helping them to maintain a level of optimal flexibility and spinal vertebral motion These dogs live to be in the ring and their caregivers strive to give them the greatest opportunities to maintain wellness so they can fully enjoy what they love to do.

Couch potatoes enjoy chiropractic manipulation too! It helps them “get the kinks out” through muscle skeletal motioning which frees flowing neurologic impulses and leads to a better quality of life. In short, animals subluxate and pull muscles just as we do; just chasing a rabbit around a tree can involve the twisting and turning that may lead to a subluxation which does not cause immediate pain, but over time can become chronic, immobilize joints and diminish free flow of nervous impulses to and from the brain. A chiropractic adjustment can increase your pet’s mobility and maintain joint health.

Cold Laser Therapy:  Low level laser light therapy. Cold laser treatment can be used to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and increase the level of oxygen available to the cells, thereby accelerating wound healing, augmenting cell proliferation. Cold Laser is used after injury or for arthritic joints often times remediating the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.