The Colts Neck Animal Clinic offers a vast array of comprehensive services:

Classic Homeopathic Care: Practicing according to the strict teachings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, using one remedy at a time, observing and waiting a sufficient period of time for the remedy to act and then ultimately evaluating the remedy action. Gentle and effective treatment of dis-ease.

Chiropractic Medicine and Cold Laser Therapy: Through spinal manipulation and low intensity laser light we can assist the blood vessels and nervous system to flow freely thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

Herbal Therapy: Many herbs are used for detoxifying the body, especially after many years of inappropriate or excessive use of strong medication.

Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine is helpful modality to remove pain and move Chi. Acupuncture is often helpful in various dis-eased conditions. Very useful when animals are over medicated and need to slowly come off the medication in order to continue on to Homeopathy.

Nutrition and Supplements: Diet is also an important component to animal health, as it is for their caregivers. We will discuss homemade diets and highest quality prepared foods that are available on the market (albeit not as nutritious as home cooking), as well as nutritional supplements which can best improve your pet’s health, energy and well-being.

Laser Therapy: Is light therapy used in inflammatory processes to diminish pain, improve circulation and accelerate healing.

Laser Surgery: We have a fully-equipped surgery suite and we provide Ruby Laser technology. Surgical lasers reduce secondary pain response after the endorphins have been depleted by sealing off the small incised nerves imbedded in the connective tissue that are cut during any surgery.

Dentistry:  We provide dental scaling, polishing and extractions with state of the art dental equipment. Short acting anesthetics provide pain free procedures and quick recovery times, Most patients can go home within 2 hours or less after having been admitted to the clinic for these procedures.

Electrocardiography: Is used as an aid in diagnosing certain cardiac conditions.

Blood Analysis: We offer immediate on-site blood analysis. Within 15 minutes we can have your pet’s blood tests results ready for evaluation.

Thereaphi Light Therapy (plasma light): Therapy Light therapy is a therapy based on research and healing light therapy used by Royal Rife (light wave machine), Nikola Tesla (light waves and batteries with specific coil configurations) and A Priore an Italian-French scientist who cured 8 people of cancer (when asked to prove his findings) also he was killed by a black sedan, hit and run. 

This therapy uses high light energy wattage to ramp up the mitochondria of all the cells including stem cells in the body to turn them on and regenerate. 

Video Conference Available

Pricing : The initial consult is one hour. We will discuss your pet’s prognosis, history and current symptoms. In addition, we may make diet alterations when necessary. After a complete physical examination, I will spend additional time researching various medicines which will be best for your pet’s condition. Often times, if the history is extensive, additional phone time may be necessary. The initial consult fee is $340.00. Please take a look at the page entitled “Homeopathic Therapy »” for additional information regarding Homeopathic treatment and what you should expect during the course of therapy.