Dr. Rose has formulated supplements for dogs that address a variety of issues concerning the health of your pets.

Like humans, dogs need vitamins and organic compounds that are essential for a healthy, balanced diet. Sometimes, our dogs don’t get enough essential vitamins in their diets, so adding in supplements to their normal eating routine can be extremely beneficial for their long term health. This is where Dr. Rose’s Daily Multivitamin comes in. Extra vitamins will help keep your pet’s immune system healthy and strong.

For dogs in their later years, hip and joint supplements can alleviate pain associated with joint integrity and arthritis. These supplements protect cartilage essential for healthy and pain-free joint function. Dr. Roses’s joint supplements are a tasty and palatable treat for your dog.

Dr. Rose also offers a calming treat that supports a calm state of mind in dogs. If your dog needs extra help reducing anxiety due to thunderstorms, trips in the car, teeth brushing, or anything else that provokes anxiety, this calming treat will help soothe your pup’s mind.