What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the principle that like heals like or “simila similibus’ as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) the founder of Homeopathy would describe its mechanism of action. Dr. Hahnemann’s premise in curing disease is to give the ill patient a potentized (diluted) dose of medicine–the same medicine that would cause identical symptoms of disease in a healthy patient should repeated dosing be administered. This is commonly known as a “proving”. Hahnemann tested substances for the effect they produced on a healthy individual and tried to deduce from this the ills they would heal. The notion behind Homeopathy is not to just target and remediate the single most recent symptoms, as most symptoms are due to a patient’s response to a larger systemic problem developing from within, but to treat all the symptoms including those that have become less troublesome over the years. It is necessary to consider the recent symptom or acute complaint and the old, historical, past symptoms which may have disappeared over time or changed with the use of cortisone, antibiotics or sometimes even, the excessive use of vaccines.

For those new to the medicine of Homeopathy I recommend a short book entitled “Beyond Flat Earth Medicine” by Dr. Timothy Dooley. For a more comprehensive explanation and the specific application of Homeopathy in animals, Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s “The Natural Dog and Cat” is unparalleled.