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We Treat Pet’s Like Family.​
Dr. Rosemary Manziano

Colts Neck Animal Clinic: Where compassionate care meets family devotion. We treat pets like cherished family members, ensuring their health and happiness.
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Healing with Heart, Treatment for Dis-ease naturally. Holistic treatment for lasting results.

Meet the heart and soul behind Colts Neck Animal Clinic’s exceptional care.

Dr Rosemary Manziano, DVM CVH CVC

Hailing from a lineage of esteemed veterinarians, both her father and uncle were veterinarians. Dr Rosemary graduated from the University of Pisa, Italy in 1987 bringing a wealth of international experience. Driven by a passion for holistic healing, she immersed herself into learning Homeopathy in 1997, learning from the renowned Dr Richard Pitcairn DVM.

With a commitment to natural healing she has journeyed to India and South America, gaining knowledge about Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine.

Dr Manziano brings this expertise to your pets, offering additional modalities such as Chiropractic, Cold Laser Therapy and Theriphi.
Experience compassionate care and advanced healing under Dr Rosemary Manziano’s watchful eye, where your pet’s well-being is always a priority.


Colts Neck Animal Clinic
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Our Services

Care Beyond Compare: Where Tails Wag and Whiskers Smile – Your Pet's Happy Place!

Classic Homeopathic Care

Practicing according to the strict teachings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, using one remedy at a time, observing and waiting a sufficient period of time for the remedy to act and then ultimately evaluating the remedy action. Gentle and effective treatment of dis-ease.

Chiropractic Medicine and Cold Laser Therapy

Through spinal manipulation and low intensity laser light we can assist the blood vessels and nervous system to flow freely thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

Herbal Therapy

Many herbs are used for detoxifying the body, especially after many years of inappropriate or excessive use of strong medication.


Chinese Medicine is a helpful modality to remove pain and move Chi. Acupuncture is  helpful in various dis-eased conditions. Very useful when animals are over medicated and need to slowly come off strong medication in order to continue on to Homeopathy.

Nutrition and Supplements

Diet is also an important component to animal health, as it is for their caregivers. We will discuss homemade diets and the highest quality prepared foods that are available on the market (albeit not as nutritious as home prepared), as well as nutritional supplements which can best improve your pet’s health, energy and well-being.

Theraphi Light Therapy (plasma light)

Theraphi Light therapy is a therapy based on research and healing light therapy used by Royal Rife (light wave machine), Nikola Tesla (light waves and batteries with specific coil configurations), and A. Priore an Italian-French scientist was asked to cure 8 people of cancer by the medical profession and he did. This therapy uses high light energy frequency to ramp up the mitochondria of all the cells (and other powerful healing aspects) including stem cells in the body to turn them on and regenerate. 

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Dr Rosemary Manziano

Founder of the Colts Neck Animal Clinic, Rosemary Manziano DVM CVH CVC comes from a family of veterinarians. The daughter of Clarence F. Manziano, DVM and niece of John Manziano, DVM, she is a graduate of the University of Pisa, Veterinary Medical School in Pisa, Italy (1987) and University of Missouri Veterinary School (1989).


Assistant: Estephany Salinas Dr. Manziano's assistant will be answering your calls and emails. We understand your concerns and she will help you with scheduling an appintment and any non-medical questions

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Based on 28 reviews
lauretta iavarone
lauretta iavarone
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Dr. Rosemary Manizano is truly a miracle worker!! My cat pio had suffered a stroke 5 days ago. After the visit with Dr. Manizano on Tuesday and the homeopathy treatment She administered, my cat is back on his feet. Dr. Manziano is very knowledgeable, having years of experience in homeopathy, combined with her kind gentle manner working with animals. My cat is alive and recovering!!! Thank you Dr. Manziano. And I will add this...i have been to her before many years ago. My boyfriend's bog was ill. 2 vets on Staten Island want to euthanize his dog. She mixed up a Homeopathy formula in her office that dog lived seven more years. 5 stars!!!!
Cheryl Ramezzana
Cheryl Ramezzana
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I truly believe my Golden Retriever would not be alive today if I had not brought her to Dr. Manziano 5 years ago! Dr. Manziano is very patient, kind, generous with her time and extremely thorough. She is a very gifted Homeopathic vet, which has been a true life saver for Brinkley! She is the BEST vet I have ever brought my dog to!
shoma rao
shoma rao
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This Dr. is one of the only ones I have come across that actually takes the time to listen and explore the root cause for issues. We have not seen her in almost 7 years and she pulled up our profile and interacted with us as if my elderly dog was a regular patient. We have been so stressed between multiple vets and hospitals and she is the only one who has given us some clarity, calm and answers. Highly recommend starting your pet with her when they are young but also recommend coming to her for late life stage issues which is what we are doing now. We plan to keep her as our girl’s regular vet from here on out.
Dr Elena Pezzini
Dr Elena Pezzini
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Dr Manziano, her work and clinic are world-class! Dr Manziano is internationally trained and she is a gold mine of information! She knows and practices with excellence both Eastern and Western Medicine, which is a very rare, and necessary combination nowadays, on this globe. I trust Dr Manziano's expertise and medicine 100%. I am so happy her clinic has so much love and knowledge for our beloved furry, 4 legged family members and companions. We love you Dr Manziano and Colts Neck Animal Clinic!! :)
Willow Lackett
Willow Lackett
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My family has always gone to Dr. Manziano for anything when our dogs would fall ill or just grow old. Our one dog, Willoughby, a very friendly whippet, had grown old, and struggled to move or go to the bathroom, and we'd have to carry him so he could spend time outside. However, the work Dr. Manziano does is akin to miracles. She came to our home to examine our old pup so he didn't have to travel. And with some holistic medicine and care, he was up and running and playful as ever, for the remainder of his months before he passed. It still amazes and comforts me, knowing how much care Dr. Manziano has for each of her furry patients and their families. She's the best of the best!

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