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Homeopathic Therapy

Nurturing Nature: The Art of Homeopathy and the Gentle Path to Pet Wellness

As with all good things in life, Homeopathy requires patience. I make it a top priority to relieve your pet’s discomfort in a timely manner; however, you must consider that the disease manifesting itself at present did not develop overnight. Please try to understand that the majority of disease that we see today is due to a genetic imprint  destined to manifest itself sooner or later. Also, if drugs were used previously to treat the current condition, it is likely that some of the underlying symptoms are being masked or suppressed, and so finding the appropriate Homeopathic remedy may take some time. The goal is to bring about a rapid and gentle recovery, through patience and careful observation of the symptoms that arise and disappear in reverse order of their occurrence.

What to Expect:

During the first visit, we will discuss all the symptoms your pet has previously suffered. After a careful review of your pet’s complete history the doctor will prescribe a homeopathic remedy. Following the treatment instructions, closely regarding the remedy, is vital to a successful outcome. Please be advised most remedies are given only one time (one dose) while some liquid potencies are given daily. The doctor will advise you as to the protocol best suited for your pet. Usually a change will be brought about within days or sometimes weeks of treatment. On occasion, the symptoms may worsen at the beginning of treatment; this may last for as little as a few hours or as much as a few days and in some chronic cases a few weeks. If there is no improvement in the more significant symptoms i.e loss of appetite within three days of taking the remedy, please call the office.  In more critical cases (i.e. bloody diarrhea) we expect a more rapid response to a remedy; therefore, it becomes necessary to follow the case more closely, with frequent phone consults –sometimes every  day or two- or three days.

Do not continue giving a remedy daily unless the doctor advised you to do so. Often times, if a remedy is repeated too often, an aggravation of the disease’s symptoms will occur and the curative process will cease, causing the patient to revert back to the original diseased state. As mentioned, the remedy typically  can take several weeks to bring about improvement in your pet’s condition; you must therefore remember that patience is part of the treatment. Follow-up phone consults or visits are necessary for evaluating and assuring the progression of cure is in a positive direction. On the initial visit, $340, we will discuss nutrition, your pet’s past and present history and create a plan to bring your pet back to a healthy happy state of being. Many cases require daily or weekly re-evaluation. Please keep us updated on your pet’s progress. After 4 weeks if needed there will be a re-check and the fee will be $120 dollars.  Most cases require monthly re-evaluations until the case is resolved but in severe illness , re-evaluation sooner may be necessary. It is difficult to predict the length of time necessary to cure a long standing disease. Phone consultations are available at the rate of $95 for a 5-15 minute consult. Consults needing more time will have a charge of $120 which include the Homeopathic workup and additional time spent off the phone.

We request that you please call us with your concerns and leave a short message. We schedule a phone consult time for you to discuss your concerns with the doctor.  It is important to write down the changes you see and report them to the doctor as this. is very helpful to assess the direction of cure.  It is also important to understand that the phone consult is part of the homeopathic treatment. Depending on the reaction to the remedy, we will wait or proceed with a new remedy or possibly increase the potency of the current remedy treatment.              Patience is the key to success. 


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the principle that like heals like or “simila similibus’ as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) the founder of Homeopathy would describe its mechanism of action. Dr. Hahnemann’s premise in curing disease is to give the ill patient a potentized (diluted) dose of medicine–the same substance that would cause identical symptoms in a healthy patient when repeated dosing is continued for a period of time. This is commonly known as a “proving”.  Hahnemann tested substances for the effect they produced on a healthy individual and tried to deduce from this the ills they would heal. The notion behind Homeopathy is not to just target and remediate the single most recent symptoms, as most symptoms are due to a patient’s response to a larger systemic problem developing from within, but to treat all the symptoms including those that have become less troublesome over the years.

It is necessary to consider the recent symptom or acute complaint and the old, historical, past symptoms which may have disappeared over time or changed with the use of cortisone, antibiotics or sometimes even, the excessive use of vaccines.

For those new to the medicine of Homeopathy I recommend a short book entitled “Beyond Flat Earth Medicine” by Dr. Timothy Dooley.  For a more comprehensive explanation and the specific application of Homeopathy in animals, Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s “The Natural Dog and Cat” is unparalleled.

Homeopathy Instructions and Administration of the Remedy

Congratulations on furthering your interest in Homeopathy and in choosing Dr. Rosemary Manziano to care for your best friend. As with all good things in life, Homeopathy is a science that requires patience.   With persistence, we will work together to bring about a rapid and gentle cure.

Administration of Remedies

 Please be advised most remedies are given only one time (single dose); however some  potencies are given daily.  The doctor will advise you as to the protocol best suited for your pet.

Pellets : Small pellets 2-4 can be placed on the gum above the canine tooth or on the tongue, do not touch the pellets use a spoon.    Large pellets  can be crushed and placed on the gum or tongue.

Remedy Repetition: when giving a second dose, place 1-2 pellets in 2 oz water in a bottle and bang(sucuss) the bottle on your hand or a book. Then place  one teaspoon of the solution on the gums or tongue.

Liquid Administration: place 2-4 pellets in 2oz water , stir 30 seconds and give 1 teaspoon (no need for pellets to dissolve).    

LM  Potency: bang amber bottle 10 times on hand place 10 drops in 2 oz water, stir and give 1 teaspoon on gums.

Throw out the rest. Make up new each day.

 Do not continue to give a remedy daily unless the doctor advises you to do so . A remedy that is repeated too often can result in a flare up of the symptoms of the underlying systemic imbalance, which could cause the curative process to cease.  Follow up phone consults and/or visits are thus critical in evaluating and reaffirming the prescribed remedy and assuring the  curative progression in a positive direction.