Colts Neck Animal Clinic

Owner : John Deatcher , 1528 Corlies Ave. , Neptune NJ 07753 Pet: C C. lack Coonhound Terr. Mix , F/S DOB. Jan 1 2012.


Wt 53   T 100   H.l ok

cc chewing fur off  , rubs skin very itchy

personality  very nervous  , startles  from a noise

trembles form fear  will pace and walk around nervous

started  to be itchy

has bald spots on the flank

owner using vit e and coconut

feeding blue buffalo

Zignature Kagaroo

De itch and Imunity 2

Yucca shampoo


Wt 56 H/L ok BAR    t 100.7 

had a rabies 2 yrs

physical exam

HWT ****lab **neg ….. need microfilaria

was going to do rabies titer and the Titer but declined at front desk

Exempt letter  due to allergy to shots

Teeth good

Rt hind leg volar area  size of pea  a cyst


dog came for blood test 

got red tip


needed purple top blood for mivrofilaria


draw blood for microfilaria. 


negative knots

sent e mail


not doing Rabies because had bad reaction , was very painful and very itchy ,  and lethargic  from the rabies shot

called Michelle about the adoption 732-713-5107


Wt 57  H/L ok

dog exempt to vax ,had allergic reaction to Rabies

starts itching

HWT **neg

Exempt letter

Had hematoma on left ear

Nail trim   very long

disp Rabies exempt letter

left hind leg at hock lump size of hazel nut



Wt 56.7 

lump on left leg behind knee

lypoma rt flank

doing well

Health check / CBC  ***

Disp Thuja lM 1    give daily

Exempt letter Rabies    ***Skin allergies and vaccine allergies



Wt 54     H.l  ok   BAR  

cc left eye light sensitive

Stain eye  ulcer left eye cornea

Rt eye has a scar on cornea

Eye bright   BID  for 5 days******

Nail trim

Recc metagenics Ultra Inflam 360   mango / life spice

Anal gl ****left only thick gray

Euphra  30 c



Wt 55  BAr   

Rabies  Vax  3 yr ***RF   18516 ***

Bio glo  both eyes retain stain , ULCERS BiLateral

Light Sensitivity

Closing eyes  Both



Energency cut pad of foot.

owner cleaned it with peroxide  bleeding will not stop.

he used crazy glue

Sedation .10 cc propafloe   Valium . 3.

iv Cath.

no gas. breathing well

clean with calendula


Return for bandage change tomorrow



bandage change. foot was injured

w calndula

Calendula  30 c. daily for 3 days

return in 2 days change bandage



Wt 55  BAR.   H/l ok

cc getting lumpy

Lump on volar area rear leg

very active.

has lipoms on flank and rt hind leg

Rt nostil discharge yellow sometimes

Thick skin on rostrum of nose on Rt Side

Lypomas.  all over

Thuja  30 c. 3 days

Lyfe spice. 2.5 scoops daily

Recc Stasis Breaker   when it comes in , owner will pick up




records request. Red Bank Vet